Parris Property’s mission is two-fold; take run of the mill rental and commercial properties and convert them into top-end professional lets, whilst delivering great returns for investors. Our goal is to help raise standards within the private rental sector.

Tenants of the ‘generation rent’ era have the right to choose to live in a property they would be proud to own themselves. By creating a premium accommodation experience for tenants, Parris Property differs from traditional multi-let landlords. We generate market leading yields which allows us to pay investors very attractive fixed-rate returns


"I was left a sizable amount of money a couple of years ago which meant I was fortunate enough to have some cash sitting in the bank, earning very little interest. I wanted to know how my money could work harder for me and Simon suggested that Parris Property could offer me great returns, with their ability to refurbish tired property, add value and remortage, enabling them to pay me back. Saying that, I’m in no rush to have the capital back as I’m really happy with the returns!”
Heather D.


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